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NCJW Green is a an NCJW | MI committee devoted to educating ourselves, our NCJW members and the community about global warming and the steps each of us can take to stop it and create a planet that is sustainable for our children, grandchildren and the generations beyond.
We embrace the “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle” philosophy and our committee has been part of a world-wide initiative to end single-use plastics. One of our main initiatives is to educate the community to SAY NO TO PLASTICS and provide alternative options for many household items that are normally in plastic containers
CLICK HERE to view our “Say No to Plastic” information page.

Initiatives & Projects:

Say No to Plastic Straws – We have begun a letter writing campaign to restaurants, cafes and coffee shops to encourage them to stop using plastic straws. CLICK HERE to download a letter that you can take to the places you frequent.

Plastic Bags Make Plastic Mats – (PBPM) is an NCJW | MI Green subcommittee, committed to making sleeping mats from plastic bags for those experiencing homelessness. These mats provide a dry, easily cleaned and comfortable sleeping surface. At the same time, they offer a partial solution to the plastic pollution problem.
Plastic Mats Project Overview

Ways to participate: Bag Collection, Making Plarn, Knit or Crochet a Mat.
Instructions for Knitters
Instructions for Crocheters
Instructions for Plarn Makers
Instructional Video


Sustainability: Act Now to Secure the Future

Past program recordings:

Earth Day Special Webinar: The Global War with Plastic
Recycling Program
The Scientific Truth About Global Warming

CONTACT US: If you would like to join NCJW Green, please email or call 248-355-3300, ext. 0.



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