Josephine S. Weiner Community Service Award

Josephine Stern Weiner was President of our Section from1942-1944 and later became National President of NCJW, Inc. The award honors an individual, or individuals, or organizations in Michigan whose work benefits the community, serves as an inspiration to others and reflects the mission statement of NCJW | MI.

Hon. Dennis W. Archer  1997
Janette Shallal  1997
Hon. Edward Sosnick 1997
Grant & Betty Silverfarb  1999
Mildred Jeffrey  2001
Doreen Hermelin  2003
Kathleen Strauss  2005
Marilyn Levine  2008
Lois Granader  2010
Amy Goode 2010
Eleanor Josaitis 2010

Toby Arons  2011
Wendy Wagenheim  2011
Jewish Dental Clinic  2011
Cancer Thrivers  2012
Gilda Jacobs  2012
Marsha Zucker  2012
Gail Katz  2013
Sharon Lipton 2013
Rose Lynn Schlussel 2014
Rochelle Riley 2014

Liz Bank  2015
Michael Williams  2015
Ellie Slovis  2016
Dr. Mona Hanna Atisha  2017
Edie Resnick 2017
Cathy Cantor  2018
Lisa Lis 2019
Beverly Stone 2020
Carrie Kushner 2022
Marilynn Sabin

Hannah G. Solomon Award

Hannah Greenberg Solomon was founder and president of National Council of Jewish Women, Inc. the oldest Jewish women’s organization in the United States. This national award is presented to an individual who has changed the lives of others through his or her leadership efforts and service in improving the lives of women, children and families.

Arlene Schindler  1970
Kenneth Batemen  1972
Mrs. Gerald Slattery  1973
Mildred Welt  1973
Martha Wylie  1973
Regene Freund Cohane  1973
Josephine Weiner  1975
Florence Kreger  1976
Krana Grossman  1979
Helen Shevin  1983

Dorothy Kaufman  1985
Freddy Shiffman  1985
Gerald Levin  1986
Sylvia Druckman  1989
Ann Daniels  1991
Sondra Nathan  1991
Maxine Berman  1994
Irma Starr Taylor  1997
Carol Sue Coden  1999
Terran Leemis  2002

Ellen Labes  2007
Judy Rosenberg  2009
Myrna Edgar  2011
Marlene Goodman  2013
Sally Schottenfels  2014
Linda Bloom  2015
Carol Freedman  2016
Irma Glaser  2018
Susan Marwil 2020
Suzanne Simon 2022

Marsha Zucker Award

The Marsha Zucker Exemplary Board Member Award is given to an exceptional NCJW|MI board member who has dedicated herself toward the betterment of the community through her outstanding volunteer efforts which reflect her commitment to the mission statement of NCJW|MI.

Marian Littman  2018

Emerging Section Leader Award

The Emerging Section Leader Award is presented to a person who has the potential for assuming future Section leadership; understands and supports the NCJW | MI purpose and programs; demonstrates commitment to the Section; currently serves on the Section Board, has served less than 5 years, or is chairing a committee or serving as an officer.

Ann Zousmer  1985
Lois Granader  1987
Judy Rosenberg  1990
Joyce Rubenstein  1992
Wendy Wagenheim
Carol Weintraub Fogel  1994
Susan Knoppow
Judith Share Saretsky  1996

Julie Zussman  1998
Florence Herrmann  2000
Bedonna Perish
Andrea Stone  2002
Sharon Lipton  2004
Abby Brasch Nathan  2006
Sandi Matz  2008
Julie Silberg 2010

Joanne Aronovitz  2011
Leslie Moskowitz  2013
Susie Jacob  2014
Jacqueline Elkus  2016
Margo Stocker  2018
Evva Hepner 2020
Dani Gillman 2022

Women of Vision Award

The Woman of Vision Award is given to a member of the community who is a champion of ideals and is passionate about her convictions. She is dedicated to a particular belief or cause that greatly impacts society as a whole. Her goal is to improve the lives of others and contribute to the mission of NCJW for the service and welfare of the community.

Liz Guz  2015
Alicia Stillman  2016
Dana Nessel  2017
Monni Must  2018

Jackie Victor  2019
Rabbi Marla Hornstein  2021
Carolyn Krieger  2022

Ann Rubin Volunteer Award

The Ann Rubin Volunteer Award is given to a member of the community who works on behalf of NCJW in a way that contributes to our mandate of service for the welfare of others. The recipient must be an NCJW member and currently not a Board member or officer.

Ruth Savage  2003
Vivian Koblin  2005
Sheldon Schubiner  2007
Barbara Mayer  2009
Janelle Miller  2010

Esther Rosenblum  2011
Bobbie Patt  2013
Sally Mayer  2014
Sandy Weitz  2016
Marta Gottesman 2017

Carol Rosenfeld  2020


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