Let’s Both Vote


NCJW | MI has launched a new campaign, Let’s Both Vote! to reach out to young voters.

Let’s Both Vote! is asking you to email your children, grandchildren, godchildren, nieces or nephews to join you in voting in the August primary and the November election.

You will be asking for three commitments:

  1. Register to Vote (or check to be sure they are registered)
  2. Complete and mail their Absentee Ballot Application
  3. Fill out and mail the Absentee Ballot early

The first two can easily be accomplished by signing up with www.turbovote.org. This is a quick and easy way for them to get the first two commitments completed.

For your convenience, a sample email you can use is found below.  If emailing doesn’t work for you, an in-person request, text, or phone call will work as well.  You can adapt the sample email to accommodate in-person or phone conversations. Or you could certainly use all three!

Let’s get out the vote in 2020 in the best possible way – by connecting with people we love!

If you need assistance or if you want to share your experiences with us, email us at letsbothvote@ncjwmi.org 


Below is a sample email that you can use when reaching out to your child, grandchild, or other relative.  This can be adapted for other contact methods (text, phone, visit, letter). Change state and vote-by-mail ballot information as needed. Feel free to make this request personal.

Dear ____,

We know it is important that we vote this year. It is now easy to do so in Michigan! Go to www.turbovote.org to be sure you are registered. If you are not, use your driver’s license to register or change any information online. Please request a vote-by-mail (absentee) ballot application. Complete that application and mail it as soon as possible. Once you receive your vote-by-mail (absentee) ballot, mail it in.

I will gladly send you stamps and/or envelopes if you need them. TurboVote will send you a reminder to vote, so you don’t need to worry if you get busy in the fall. 

If you are unsure of anything, let me know, and we will work it out together!

Let’s Both Vote!


After sending the email, please send a text to alert your family member to look for the email. A suggested text may be:

“Hi ___, I just sent you an important email. Please be sure to read it. Love you!”

Please follow up in a couple of weeks with your family member to confirm that the registration and absentee ballot request were successful.


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